Where We Are
Our location is Baldwin Airport, just 40 minutes north of Toronto, south of Lake Simcoe on Highway 48. It's an excellent facility, it has a great view from altitude, and it's really close for most people.

Baldwin Airport has its own very small web site.

Parachute School of Toronto Limited (PST) is one of the best skydiving training centres in Ontario, even Canada, to make your first jump!

When We're Open
We fly weekends and holidays through the whole year.  We are also open Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays in May through October.  Weekday jumping starts after around 4 p.m. - when there are enough people to fill a load.

Skydive in Ontario

Yes, we do fly in the winter.  It's not really as cold as you might think - winter jumping is often compared to downhill skiing.  Just dress for the weather, and bring along some non-bulky gloves.

If you want to come up on a day that we don't normally jump, just give us a call.  We're pretty flexible.

high performance parachute landing at parachute school of Toronto

We love having spectators around - it gives us someone to show off for.  Just remember, alcohol is prohibited during operating hours, dogs must be leashed, and jumping is done when weather and conditions permit.

Details About Us
At PST we offer:

  • solo (Static Line) first jumps
  • tandem skydiving
  • freefall training
  • a great facility for skydiving close to Toronto for experienced jumpers.
  • We are CSPA (Canadian Sport Parachuting Association) affiliates.
  • We are Transport Canada certified as an Air Carrier.
  • Your Safety is our most important concern.

We have trained over 49,000 first time jumpers and provided more than 210,000 jumps. We are the largest and most experienced Parachute School in Canada, having trained more first jump students than anyone else in Ontario, and our safety record is exemplary.

Our Instructors have hundreds of years of accumulated experience, thousands of accumulated jumps, and are GREAT people to learn from and be with! Our instructors and students come from many places and walks of life.

We invite you to be one of them!

Contact Information

Mailing and Street Address
Parachute School of Toronto Limited
5714 Smith Blvd.
Baldwin, Ontario
that's  1-800-361-5867.
local: 905-722-5252

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