Freefall skydiving in Toronto

A Tandem jump is a quick and simple way to experience the whole range of thrills available in skydiving - including a long freefall and canopy ride - while riding with a highly experienced instructor.


We provide tandem jumps all day on weekends and holidays, and late afternoon on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays - from May to October. Booking your jump in advance is a good idea, however if you're flexible with regard to time there are frequently even spaces available at the last minute. Once you're ready to book you can book online or call/email us.


What You Need

  • proof that you're at least 18 years old
  • running shoes with decent support
  • suitable clothing - it's a lot cooler at altitude!
  • maximum weight 250 pounds - with some flexibility (up to 265 pounds is usually straight forward)
  • ability to read English and understand spoken English


The training for a tandem jump is not long since there is not a lot that you, as a tandem passenger, have to do. The half-hour briefing is all you will need to learn everything you need to know.

After the briefing, you and your tandem instructor (also known as tandem master or tandem pilot) put on your equipment. The two of you will share a parachute system, with your harnesses securely connected together. Then it's off to the plane...

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The Jump
The ride to your jump altitude (usually 13,500 feet!) takes approximately 12 minutes. You'll have lots of time to appreciate the amazing view as your adrenaline level slowly builds: the patchwork quilt of farmland around you, the blue of Lake Simcoe, and in the other direction the skyline of Toronto. Then it's time to go...

"Get ready!...Set!...Go!!" You and your instructor dive out of the plane into freefall - there's nothing holding you up but the air rushing by. You can feel the pressure of the wind as your speed builds to about 200 km/h. Your instructor activates the drogue parachute which keeps you from going too fast. You have lots of time - about a full minute - to experience the sensation of riding the wind, watching the ground approach ever so slowly closer.

Your instructor activates your parachute and you feel a firm tug from above. A few seconds later the two of you are riding under your beautiful open canopy. The flight back down takes around five minutes so you have plenty of time to look around and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, have fun with the canopy, and talk with your instructor. At the end of your ride your instructor expertly brings the canopy in for a gentle landing.


Your instructor will debrief the jump with you and if you ordered video and/or pictures then you can check them out before you take them home to show them off!

Have more questions?

If you would like more information please check out our Frequently Asked Questions list or feel free to call/email us.

Ready to jump?

If a tandem jump is for you then you can book it now by either using our online booking form or by calling/emailing us.

Parachute Jump in Toronto

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