The aircraft at Parachute School of Toronto are all about getting you up in the air and out in the sky. They are maintained to high Transport Canada safety standards, and we are constantly upgrading our equipment to meet demand.

De Havilland Super Twin Otter

Capacity: 23 Altitude: Up to 13,500 feet PST is the only drop zone in southern Ontario with a Super Twin Otter. A phenomenal aircraft for skydiving, the Twin Otter can take up to three loads an hour, and climb to altitude in just 15 minutes.

Cessna C182

Capacity: 4 Our upgraded Cessna 182 has a wide body for skydivers’ comfort and a 260hp engine for power. It’s ideal for small groups, tandems and static line jumps.

Cessna U206

Capacity: 6 An iconic PST aircraft, the Cessna 206 has taken countless first jump students to the sky. It’s great for both static line jumps and tandems.