We can handle your group!

We have the facilities, the instructors, the parachute packers, the equipment, the experience, and the expertise.
We have had 80+ students train and jump the same day!

Our tips for organising a group

Scheduling: Pick a date. It’s hard to please everyone, so make sure that it’s the best date for the ones who are doing all the work. That way if the group doesn’t work out, it’s still good for you. 

Money: Collecting Deposits. Decide how much will be non-refundable and by what date it must be in. The non-refundable part should at least cover the expense of the lost discount if they don’t show. WHY? Although we do not require them, it is a good idea to collect some kind of deposit from the people who say they want to come skydiving with you. You will find that skydiving is something people love to talk about doing – and then the day arrives and they find other important things to do – like washing their hair. Have them put their money up front; then you’ll find out who is really serious and who is just talking through their hat. This is important so that you know what your discount will actually be. We often see people arrive expecting a group of 12 but only 4 show up – those 4 don’t get the discount they were expecting and it becomes a drag for everyone.

Make it an event!
For those who want to party afterwards, plan a camp out at the DZ. It’s free camping for members, you don’t have to rush back to town to meet a schedule, you won’t have to worry about drinking and driving, and we have party facilities (party room, pool table, fire pit). 

Phone or email us for extra info if you have any unanswered questions. 
Here it is again: 1-800-361-5867 or 1-800-DO-1-JUMP. 

Call and let us know you are coming. No reservations are needed for solo jumps, but it is always nice to know when we have a group coming. We will never turn you away if you just show up on the training day you have chosen, but letting us know a few days or more in advance streamlines things a bit – we can make sure we have lots of instructors on hand, for instance. 

If you have a group of people who wish to jump tandems, please call in advance – at least two weeks – to make sure we have the staff on hand on the big day. Tandems are very instructor intensive, so groups require special administrative attention.